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Fieldwork and animal care

I have over two years solid of full-time experience in the field, working in ten countries over the space of five years. This includes work on biological monitoring stations and field bases, on field courses and research expeditions, in reserves and national parks, and in animal sanctuaries.


I have worked on observational research, mark-recapture tagging, animal handling, with a wide range of taxa. These have mostly been vertebrate predators, including but not limited to:


  • Felids (wild cheetah, jaguar, puma, ocelot, and captive tigers)

  • Sea turtles (wild green, loggerhead, and hawksbill)

  • Eyelash-palm pitvipers (wild)

  • Canids (wild African painted dogs, captive wolves and wolfdogs)

  • Asiatic moon bears (captive)

  • Spinner dolphins (wild)



My degree is a first class honours in Zoology with Professional Experience from the University of Manchester.

My research interests include behavioural ecology, animal cognition, conservation, and links between these fields. I am particularly interested in furthering my experience with marine mammals, and in gaining experience working with cephalopods.


I have been practising wildlife and adventure travel photography since 2012. I strive to create powerful, colourful, or meaningful images that captivate nature enthusiasts and complement my writing.

My images of Costa Rican wildlife were published in the magazine Biological Sciences Review along with an article I wrote on our work there, and were featured on the front cover and photographic centerspread of the issue.


I am often struck by a sudden drive to write about a thought process or something I have witnessed. I consider storytelling vital to motivating and audience to act for wildlife - be it through education, changing behaviour, or joining the conservation movement.

Creative writing has been a passion of mine since childhood. Now, fusing my writing style with information and pictures has opened new avenues for this passion to have value and impact. My work has been published twice; once in a recipe book, and once an article for a magazine aimed at aspiring biologists.

FIlm & Videography

I started auditioning for work as an actor aged 6, securing my first part at 7 years old. After five speaking roles and ten years of work in the film industry, I stopped auditioning to focus on my studies.


More recently, I have been gravitating towards roles behind the camera, and have my sights set on a career in wildlife filmmaking. I have been developing my skills and building my experience filming parkour showreels, work on wildlife projects, and live music events.


I build many of my own camera rigs, and often work alone to produce a video. I will occasionally collaborate with other videographers, editors or music producers. My most recent formal project was creating a music video for a new single as part of New Street Records' Visuals team.

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