Who I am and what I do

Born and raised in London,

made on the road.

I'm a twenty-something Zoology graduate travelling the world on a shoestring budget, working with wildlife and exploring wildernesses.

Work in my field often doesn't pay, so I'm trying to make money online through photojournalism and filmmaking as I travel.



  • To be an active on-the-ground force in wildlife conservation and in animal sanctuaries.

  • To tell stories that inspire, motivate and facilitate others to join me in protecting the wildlife.

  • To connect wildlife workers and equip them with the skills needed to end the war on nature.




  • A new breed of field scientist, the human Swiss Army knife to tackle all of modern conservation's challenges.

  • An intricately connected network of passionate conservationists, working together for a greater impact on the protection of species and habitats.

  • A world where humans are the guardians of nature rather than its exploiters.




  1. Go to a wildlife conservation project or sanctuary and work there.

  2. Watch, learn and practise new skills.

  3. Make new connections, help out, suggest improvements.

  4. Take photos, film, and write about it, showing what it's like to work there.

  5. Communicate my experiences to help guide others' decisions and discoveries.

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